Selasa, 05 Juni 2012


1. Open your Restaurant City Game
2. Run your piapi restaurant city tool, then tick fast run, fast eat, fast one, fast waiter and auto regeneration then click the PATCH button to work.
Piapi Restaurant City Tool
3. Open your Cheat Engine 5.5 then select the program or browser you are using. If you are using Firefox browser then select Firefox and open. I don’t know if this engine works with other browser.
4. Check Hex box, change value type to 8bytes and check ASROM ( Also Scan Read-Only Memory).
5. On your Hex box, change value to FFFFFFB8D02A0FF2 and Scan.
6. You will get 1 address after scanning, right click the address that you have and disassemble it.

7. On the memory viewer, you will see the line “mov eax,FFFFFFFF”, change it to “mov eax,00001388″, Do Not Close the memory viewer.
8. This is the current experience cheat for restaurant city. Now you will gain more experience per dishes.
9. Now, uncheck Hex box and New Scan your current level.
10. Wait until you level up to 21.
11. Now change the “mov eax,00001388″ to “mov eax,FFFFFFFF”
12. Next Scan your new level.
13. There is only 1 address left. If more than 1, find an address with a pattern like this “xxxxxFBx”.
The value of this address will be your current level.
14. Change the value to “1. You will be back to level “1″ of the game. But immediately, you will level back up to 21. Also you will gain thousands of coins as you level up.
15. When you are in level 21 again, change the value in your cheat engine back to a lower level. Keep repeating steps 14-15 until you have a lot of coins. Do not forget to save your game.

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